|65| *VIDEO | 43 |* 7.6.14 Happy 4-Year Natural-versary to MEEEEEEE!

Saturday | 12 July 2014  

WELP!!  I did it!!!!!!

For my FOUR-YEAR Natural-versary, I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y decided to have my hair PROFESSIONALLY blow-dried and straightened!  If y'all have followed my story, y'all KNOW this was MAJOR!  LOL  I've been "fighting" it for FOUR years, but I got over myself and allowed someone ELSE to put their hands in my hair! *GASP*  ;)

BUT, all of that built-up angst was for absolutely NOTHING!

An ABUNDANCE of THANKS Kelly M. Henson, owner of The K List Hair and Image Salon, based outside of Dallas, TX, for making the experience memorable and WELL worth the wait!  Miss Kelly is a native of the Kansas City Metro area, and just so happened to bring her business to the area (which she does from time to time) during my natural-versary week, so I JUMPED on the chance for HER to be the first to work her magic...and BOY did she!!!  :)

Click the link to view the update video showing the AH-MAZING results and a pictorial review of my various 'do's during my 4th AFRO-TEXTURED year! :D

I'm STILL loving this "for-the-rest-of-my-life" journey and looking forward to continuing to share the love and striving for my ULTIMATE goal of waist-length!

Stay tuuuuuuuned!
Afro-Texturally Speaking...


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|64| Blue Ivy Carter’s Hair: WHY Does It Matter SO Much…to YOU?!

Saturday | 1 February 2014

So, for MONTHS - 1+ years, I have been just sitting back, listening and OBSERVING, and trying HARD not to engage in the conversations involving an EXCESSIVE amount of negativity regarding how Beyoncé and Jay’Z’s baby girl’s, Blue Ivy Carter, hair is sometimes presented in public. In my opinion, it’s SUCH UNNECESSARY negativity and wasted energy. This is yet ANOTHER aspect of our community and society subconsciously planting and conditioning a person’s NEGATIVE perception of afro-textured hair. WE have GOT to STOP this vicious cycle.

Yes, Beyoncé is GORGEOUS and she and her hubby, Sean have more money than any of us can imagine in a seven lifetimes. Yes, because of BIC’s parents and their professions, we probably expected when we saw Blue Ivy in pictures, she would ALWAYS be seen as “made up” as her Mama is on anybody’s stage or a red-carpet event.

<insert side-eye and curled-up lip here>

I | She is a BABY/TODDLER…and I’m SURE is very active and “combing” her hair probably defeats the purpose when it’ll be messed up in two seconds!

II | Have y’all ever stopped to think that, maaaaaaaybe Beyoncé and Sean prefer to raise their child in a manner that does not conform to YOUR standard of “beauty”?!  #TRUTH #freespirit

III | That baby is VEEEEEEERY well-taken care of (period) #believeTHAT

IV | I’m preeeeeeetty sure, Beyonce has “people” around her who help take care of Blue Ivy’s hair…hell, her mom is a COSMETOLOGIST. #duhpeople

V | We do not see that child on a DAY-to-DAY basis, nor are a part of THEIR lives to know how they live and how they dress and groom that child EVERY day!  We only see what the MEDIA puts out there and what Beyonce and Sean CHOOSE to put out there.  And what IF her hair looked in a manner that was/is not acceptable to YOU ERRDAY?!  So what, it’s not about YOU!

VI | Did I mention, she’s a TODDLER?  #ohyeah

VII | You SHOULD understand by now, Beyoncé floats to her OWN beat and more than likely couldn’t care LESS about what WE feel about THEIR child’s hair.

VIII | Y’all have SOOOOOOO many other things to focus on other than how Blue Ivy rocks her hair…she is going to grow into her OWN “self” and will rock her hair ANY way she chooses, but oh, wait, you’ll have something to say THEN, too, huh?!

I could go on, but at the end of ANY day, it goes back to this society’s definition of “beauty”…my, your, and THEIR perception of beauty should NOT be determined by what SOCIETY says it should be.  KUDOS Bey and HOV…do YOU!  (and I KNOW I didn't EVEN need to say that because it's a GIVEN)  

*drops mic*

Afro-Texturally Speaking…



Coily Coiff, LLC Product Test Group #1-Midwest/TX Survey

Thursday | 26.December.2013

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, All...

For those of you who have received email communication and instructions specifically for the Coily Coiff, LLC Product Test Group #1-Midwest/TX, please click the link below to complete the required survey to finalize your participation:

Again, thank you SO much for your interest and I ANXIOUSLY await your feedback!  ッ

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|63| I’m Baaaaaack! | Doin' Something Different...

Saturday | 2.October.2013

It’s been a LONG time…WAY too long, actually!  However [comma] I have had some life and hair setbacks this year, but once again, feel like I’m back on track, motivated, rejuvenated, and excited to be putting fingers to laptop keys in continuing to express my panoramic viewpoint of all-things-natural/afro-textured hair.

That being said, I have a WHOLE lot to catch “you” up on and a multitude of topics floating around in my head I have been wanting to talk about…but that will come in time!  I won’t bombard you with it ALL in one post, but I just wanted to take this time to announce my return and talk about my very recent decision to re-vamp the hair routine I have consistently followed since late 2010 for the most part.

YES, this old “dog” is gonna attempt to learn some new tricks when it comes to my LOVE-labor hair day (better known to most as “wash day”).

I have gone through a geographical relocation within the past six months and frankly, it has been a SHOCK to my hair and routine.  Bottom line, my hair HATES hard (heavy calcium, magnesium) water and UNFORTUNATELY, I did not realize it until approximately three months after the move!  BOOOOOOO!  (I will go more into the result of the hard water issue at a later date).  In addition to that, I kinda got out of a hair care rhythm due to my current temporary living situation, which basically equates to inconveniences and less room to maneuver about.  BUT, no excuses and no complaining allowed is my new decree!!!  THIS is temporary and at the end of the day, I have access to ERR thing I need to ensure my hair is taken care of, even with the “inconveniences”.  So what, I have back issues and have to bend and support myself under a kitchen sink faucet with a filter attachment, versus the “ease” of a shower?!?  I still have the ability to STAND and access to filtered water, so I just.need.to.get.it.done!

I recently decided to stop feeling “defeated” about my hair and the progress I had made and to get ta gettin’ on bringing it back to where it was, if not in even BETTER condition.  So, ya gurl is unbelievably gonna change up her “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it” hair routine and product usage. GAAAAAAASP!!

I have alternated between using one of two shampoos/conditioners, used ONE leave-in conditioner, used my ONE DIY deep conditioner, and used the SAME DIY moisturizers/gel/sealant since late 2010/early 2011!!  It maaaaaaay be time to do something DIFFERENT!  So, starting next week, imma do.something.different…and I’m actually excited!  But guess what?  You have to stay tuuuuuuuned to experience the journey with me!  ;)

Afro-Texturally Speaking…



|62| *VIDEO 42*: | 42 | 7.6.13 Happy 3-Year Natural-versary to MEEEEEEE!

Thursday, 7.25.13...

WELP!  So, it's been almost THREE weeks ago since I actually "celebrated" and posted about it, but better late, than not at all!  ;)

*WAVING*  Heeeeeeey, y'all!  LONG time, no see...again!  LOL  I finally took some time out this week to finish editing a video I actually recorded 7.6.13 and I'd like to present it to you now.

It's been yet another "Labor of Love" year with my hair, and STILL I'm just as in love with it now as I was when I "big chopped" over 3 years ago.  I am looking forward to getting back to sharing my journey with you on a regular basis, as I have a MULTITUDE of hair experiences to share, especially of late.

I'll stop rambling and get on with the purpose of this post.  Without further ado, HAPPY THREE-YEAR NATURAL-VERSARY TO MEEEEEEE!!

Video Link as follows:  

Afro-Texturally Speaking...



|61| *VIDEO 35*: 30-Day L.o.L. Hair Day Challenge, Week One

Thursday, 4 April 2013...

Hey, again, All!  WOW, two posts in one week, huh?!  LOL
Anywhooooooo...In the previous video I posted earlier this week, I mentioned a "challenge" I was going to impose upon myself.  Here is the follow-up to WHY I feel the need to join the "challenge" band-wagon...

As alway, any questions, comments, concerns, please feel free...

Afro-Texturally Speaking...



|60| *VIDEO 34*: CoilyCoiff2010 Update...LONG Time, No See! ッ

Tuesday, 2 April 2013...

LOOOOOOONG time, no see, huh!?  Welp! here's a recent pic (Feb 2013) and an "update" video for you to view whilst the blog and other web spaces are still under re-construction!

As always, THANKS SO MUCH for the continued support... 

Afro-Texturally Speaking...




...a "lil" late, but HAPPY THANKSGIVING, ALL!!!  

As always, I am thankful for YOU for allowing me to share my "passion".  I appreciate your support and really do hope you've gotten something from this blog!  

Enjoy your day/night with your loved ones, food, shopping, and/or whatever else gives you JOY!  

OH, and in the spirit of the day, what is your coiled/curled coiff thankful for??  ッ  Mine?  That I KNOW & accept 'her' "as-is" and wouldn't have it any other way!  ッ

Here are some pics of "her" today...(outside of the bangs, rockin' one of my many  "protective styles" for a few months:  Upwards French Braid 'Do)

Afro-Texturally Speaking...



|58| VERY Random Comparison Picture: 11.15.11 vs 11.12.12

Monday, 11.12.12...

***THIS JUST IN***  Soooo, I co-washed, etc. my hair on Saturday (11.10.12) & re-twisted it using flaxseed gel, then just put it into a french braid because I knew I wasn't going anywhere the next couple of days...well, I just took it down so I could moisturize it because it felt too dry for my liking, and THIS is what resulted!!  Needless to say, it prompted me to do a comparison from this time last year...  

~Tonite's pic shows "unintentionally" stretched hair, but I'm pleasantly surprised with the amount of growth within 1 year!  ッ


Afro-Texturally Speaking...



|57| I'm Having One of Those "MyHairShouldBeLongerThanItIs" Moments, AGAIN!

Sunday, 10.21.12...

A LOT going through my mind this morning!  

FIRST OFF, let me take a sidebar moment to acknowledge the recent passing of one of my YouTube "hair crushes", Dawnyele (Partee).  Though I did not know her personally, I am feeling sadnes
s for her sudden passing & for her family and friends (and those of us who "admired" her from afar).  Prayers of comfort up for her husband, son, NEWLY-born son who survived, and family & friends! https://www.youtube.com/user/Dawnyele

[awkwardly transitioning]

...onward to my other thoughts of the day...I FINALLY have a morning/day where I can just focus on MANY things I have let fall by the wayside the past few months for various reasons.  The list, unfortunately, has grown significantly.  Amongst the many moments of discovery & reflection this morning as I have been browsing through my various web pages and YouTube, in addition to the aforementioned sad news, I have come to realize that my hair may not be "thriving" as much as it had been prior to, let's say June/July 2012.

Though I know I trimmed it a lil over a month ago (a bit more than I really wanted to, but it was NEEDED), my hair just doesn't seem to be thriving & growing at the rate it typically does.  I contribute this to the fact that I have not CONSISTENTLY co-washed, shampoo'd, deep-conditioned, etc. since June 2012.

From 6.29.12 - 9.30.12, I only co-washed or shampoo'd my hair 5 times.  On top of that,  I  did not moisturize/seal it NEARLY as often as I usually do.  TYPICALLY during a 3-month time frame, my hair would have been either co-washed or shampoo'd every 10 days or so (10 times total).  Though I managed to keep it styled during this timeframe, I really wasn't caring for it the way it is used to (as I mentioned in my previous post:
http://afrotexturallyspeaking.blogspot.com/2012/10/56-some-of-my-tightly-coiled-dos-july.html) and I have come to realize today, my lack of effort is evident.  Though I can see a length difference in photos from this time 2011 compared to Sept/Oct 2012, I just feel my hair could have been longer than it is had I stuck to my regimen.

Tightly-coiled hair in particular, needs more care (period)  That is not breaking news, and frankly, this is why this hair type gets such a bad rap and less "exposure" as our "curly" counterparts.  I am fully aware of this and accepted that fact a LONG time ago, so I have no idea WHY I am so surprised my hair has "stalled" a bit from the lack of attention.

HOWEVER (comma) as I've mentioned before...when you KNOW better, you DO better!  

That being said, instead of the "pity" party I'm throwing myself today, I'm gonna heed the words and roll full steam ahead!  ッ  And with that, will spawn an influx of new posts and videos for your viewing pleasure as you continue to travel this road with me!

I am now in the midst of "hair hibernation", which began 9.30.12.  I am planning to keep my hair in protective styles and covered through March 2013, but will ENSURE I am doing all the other "little things" it needs and loves to keep it thriving.  I'm feeling optimistic about how it will react...

Stay tuuuuuuuned!  

Afro-Texturally Speaking...