|10| Day of pH Testing Was a SUCCESS! :)

Tuesday, 9.20.11

In continuation...Welp, folx, I've spent the majority of this afternoon, researching, pH testing, & experimenting with every single product and ingredient I use on my hair, and I am happy to report, for the most part I've fared well with my product choices! (I will post the list and results tomorrow)

However, I did discover a couple of products I definitively need to take out of the rotation and bid them adieu. But on the plus side, I've learned how to adjust one mixture in particular to ensure it indeed balances the pH level of my hair and I'm anxious and EXCIIIIIITEEEEEEED to see if it makes a difference in the progression of my hair.

So, stayed tuuuuuuuuned! :)

...Until my fingers keystroke again,


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