|3| I No Longer Support “Manufactured” Hair Care Products (period)…and people are “bothered” when I make it known?!…


OK, so, here it goes…

When I say “manufactured”, I mean those falsely marketed “ethnic” hair care products sitting on the shelves of your local beauty supply and retail stores. You know, the ones either, tucked away in the corners, resting on a couple of store shelves that may have been sitting there for who knows HOW long, or the ones prominently displayed on “Ethnic” hair care aisle shelves, or the “Natural/Organic” side of that same aisle in all their colorful, “pick ME, pick ME” glory! All in the effort catching your eye and making you believe it’s the best product since sliced bread to tame your “difficult” hair.

When I first decided to wear my hair in its natural state, along with that, was the decision to take better care of my hair and to utilize products that would promote HEALTHIER hair, by using all-natural ingredients. Products or ingredients I can find in any health food or grocery store and ingredients I can mix myself. From the “research” I have done going into this new “relationship” and continue to do, I know my hair NEEDS moisture…CONSTANTLY, which calls for utilizing ingredients on my hair that will promote such with minimum effort and cost. This is no different than me making the decision to no longer drink soda (or “pop"…my Midwestern folks can relate! LOL) because of carbonation & excessive sugar, or minimizing/eliminating eating at fast food restaurants because it is a contributor to excessive weight gain (per the CDC, approximately one-third of the U.S. adult population is obese and the rate looks to be progressively increasing), or my decision to NEVER smoke because cigarettes contribute to health issues (and is just plain GROSS!), or my decision (better yet, my Doctor’s directive) to lower/eliminate my salt and caffeine intake because of my high blood pressure (and I’m not even CLOSE to being overweight), or my decision to eat out significantly less and cook at home because *I* control having healthier food options, my portions, AND know what’s exactly in my food… aaaaall in the effort of losing and maintaining my weight and HEALTH, because I wanna stick around on this Earth for a while (to a self-sufficient & cognizant 100 y.o., actually)! :)

Sooooooo, WHY, when I mention in various forums or conversations, my non-support of “manufactured” products because of un-healthy ingredients and how “we” need to challenge and research what is put into these products, do people immediately get on “defense” and ALWAYS retort with ‘what works for one person may not work for others and people need to use products that work best for them?’ “Duuuuuuuh”, I know that, but you are missing my point.
For one thing, I used to be a “product junkie” when I was “lye-ing” and “french-frying” (LOL) my hair and was hooked on the hype of trying any and everything to help my “thin hair” grow longer, look shinier, look fuller, less limp, not have split ends, hold curls, get straighter, etc. etc. and through several bouts of my hair simply just falling out, regardless of what I used, it was obviously something was wrong and the cycle needed to be broken. Secondly, I have since discovered, many of these so-called “natural” or “organic” hair care products, contain UN-natural ingredients that are counter-productive to the health of the hair and scalp. Look, I am FAR from a “subject matter EXPERT”, but have done and continue to do a lot of “studying”. Amongst many sources of study I’ve done, I stumbled across an article from the “Thank God I’m Natural” blog very early on in my “relationship” that guided me in my desire to REALLY go au natural titled, ”Reading the Label: 10 Ingredients to Avoid When Shopping for “Natural” Hair Products”. Paraphrasing some of the information sited in this article, many ingredients contained in these store-bought products include harsh detergents that completely remove every morsel of oil you may have on your hair strands, or preservatives (if in contact with other chemicals) that may cause reactions and/or contribute to incurable diseases, or chemicals that are also used in anti-freeze or brake fluids, or synthetic colors or fragrances, or lanolin, petroleum, or mineral oil, which are “heavy” ingredients that coat your hair leaving an impression it “works”, giving you your desired result, when in actuality, is only weighing your hair down and blocking the hair shaft from absorbing any natural oils produced by your scalp.

My only point in speaking to this information and the fact I mix my own ingredients for my deep conditioning & moisturizing effort is to make people more aware so they can make more “sound” purchasing decisions and to show using natural ingredients work. Think about it, what did our ancestors, (REGARDLESS of heritage), do for centuries, when “manufactured” products weren’t available for use to care for day to day grooming? They used NATURE!! So, I say, how dare you attempt to discredit or belittle my experiences because you will not acknowledge or attempt to conceive a more NATURAL way to maintain your hair and maintaining it effectively and cost-efficiently? So what, if it takes a little bit of effort, look at the LONG-TERM benefits: 1) it’s natural and you KNOW what specifically you are putting on your hair, versus a long list of label ingredients you can’t even articulate, or know WHAT their purpose is; 2) the ingredients genuinely promote healthier hair based on your knowledge of what YOUR hair needs specifically; 3) you’re not paying for the products’ “fancy” packaging & advertising; 4) you can buy in bulk and save money in the long run if you store the ingredients properly; and lastly, it simply makes you feel good to know, YOUR hands contributed to the health, growth, and care of your hair in as natural way as possible.
With AAAAALL, that being said, I know I will continue to have “debate” about this matter, but it’s all in the effort of helping to become less dependent on what’s being presented to us as “normal” versus stepping up and reaching back to our “roots”…
...Until my fingers keystroke again,

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