|4| “I Wanna Straighten My Hair”…wuh, wuh, whaaaaaaat?!?

Monday, 8.15.11...

So, yesterday, while loungin' around on a Sunday afternoon, I suddenly had the urge to straighten my hair! I have NO idea where the thought came from, but I actually found myself pondering what kind of "heat-protectant" I could conjure up in the effort (if you recall, I mix the majority of my hair products myself) and HOW I was gonna accomplish it.


I told & convinced myself very early on this "relationship" I was not going to put any heat on my hair as a rule because 1) I wanted healthy hair; 2) I wanted to EMBRACE wearing my hair in its natural state; and 3) I would ONLY straighten it at my two-year anniversary mark, simply for the purpose of performing a "length check". The last time I used heat on my hair was in June '10 when I was struggling through the process of trying to maintain two textures of hair (relaxed & new growth). Let's just say that was a colossal FAIL! lol
With that being said, WHY in the world did this thought come into my head out of the blue?! I'm not having any challenges with it...no breakage that I'm aware of...no issues with maintaining the moisture...no styling issues...nothin'!

So, while in mid-"HowamIgonnastraightenmyhair" thought, I quickly turned it around I start to ponder, "WHAT prompted this thought?" Was it because I'm ALWAYS playing with my hair (be it twirling it, re-twisting, making sure it's not frizzy, etc.) because I LOVE the way it feels and wanted to see if it felt the same straight? Or, was it the fact I have been consistently wearing two-strand twists all summer and think I'm just "bored" with the style? Or, was it because I'm growing more and more impatient in obtaining my desired hair length (my goal is to eventually grow it to my waist!!!!) Or, was it because I was unconsciously slipping back into the whole 'I wanna see my hair "straight & flowy"' stigma I grew up believing was more acceptable!? Well, first off, imma IMMEDIATELY nix & dismiss the latter because I am absolutely in LOVE with my coils! :D

So what is it?!

Upon even further contemplation...I have no idea!

The whole purpose of me NOT applying heat to my hair is to ensure I am indeed treating & training it to grow as healthy as possible. Additionally, my wearing of two-strand twists long-term is strategic...I can stop manipulating my hair so much and let it rest for a couple of weeks at a time after my deep-conditioning/co-wash/conditioning sessions. And frankly, it's just a convenient style that can easily be turned into a fabulous twist-out. Why try to change what ain't broken?! Again, I STILL have no idea! My ultimate goal IS healthy hair and to prove tightly-coiled hair can grow long NATURALLY!

Needless to say, I am a lil perplexed and disappointed in myself for even pondering the thought because I absolutely LOVE my coils. What is straightening it now going to accomplish? Ab-so-lutely NOTHING.

So, I am happy to report, I am stickin' to the original plan! More importantly, I am SO relieved I am not spendin' my day today "experimenting" and potentially taking 100 steps back from ALL the work I've put into my hair over the past 13 months.

Keepin' the eye on the prize of my ultimate goals...

...Until my fingers keystroke again,

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