|5| An "ODE" to My Ends!! :)

Wednesday, 8.17.11...

Right before I opened up this Word document to start pondering my next blog topic, I, (as I’m ALWAYS doing), was playing with a section of my hair and re-twisting it. (Last night, I un-twisted my two-strands I’ve have for about a week and a half now and am now sporting a “Twist-Out”.) Well, as I was re-twisting this one little section in the front of my head, (again, for no particular reason, just PLAYING with it), and pondering WHAT I was going to start blogging about, I noticed this particular section was longer, now past my top lip. (YAY!! Just a month ago, this section ended just above my lip.) In addition, I took notice of the ends, because now that my hair is getting longer, I can REALLY see and observe the ends without having to strain my eyes gazing into a mirror.

AAAAAAH, my “ends”!! I immediately smiled and started to reflect…hence, today’s topic of discussion!

♫ ♪ Myyyyyy “EEEEEENNNDS”!!!! ♫ ♪ The “ALPHA” of my natural hair relationship. The most SENIOR part of this fabulously coiled hair on my head. The most “abused” and “played with” part of my hair. With ALL the tuggin’, pullin’, twirlin’, knottin’/tanglin’, split-end here & there, and most of all, the experimentation with this/that/& the other, you have “hung” in there with me through it all!

With that being said, I recognize I need to take better care of y’all. After all, without you, there’s no way I can retain this length I’m working so hard to achieve! Though I think I’ve done a fairly decent job in “protecting” you, I now realize, there’s always room for improvement. From here on out, I promise to stop “playing” with you so much, to “tuck you in” as often as possible, to really try different de-tangling methods to minimize those knots I KNOW you hate, and to get you properly trimmed once or twice a year!

BUT, all is not failed! You show me you’re thriving simply by sticking around and showcasing your coily “self” every single day, with minimum to no effort, as a result of the POSITIVE things I do for you! You are vibrantly you, and for that, I am appreciative to the FULLEST extent.

In closing, Ladies (and Gents), I can’t stress enough the importance of taking care of those precious “ends”. In addition to sufficiently cleansing & moisturizing your strands, it’s just as important to properly handle them. If you have my hair “type”, which is characteristically dry & tightly-coiled, contrary to popular belief, it is indeed very FRAGILE for this very reason. Your strands NEED moisture to assist in the effort of contributing to a higher level of “elasticity”. Now, I am not a scientist, or a “SME” (subject matter EXPERT), but there is indeed a “science” in understanding how and why our hair does what it does. But, guess what? I’m a “nerd” and find things like that of interest, but I won’t bore you with the “granular” level stuff! All you need to know is, ESPECIALLY for those of you with the same hair characteristics as mine, moisture & minimal manipulation are huge factors in making your strands “stronger” and more willing to stick around for the ENTIRE duration of their "life cycle"!
So, my question to you is…How do you “Ode” to YOUR ends?!... :)
...Until my fingers keystroke again,

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