|9| So, I’m Finally Gonna pH Test My Hair Products…

Monday, 9.19.11

So, after MUCH procrastination, I'm finally gonna pH test the products I mix for my hair. Though I've done a lot of researchin' and YouTube watchin' on all things natural hair, for whatever reason, I've never really felt the need for pH testing my hair products, primarily because I made the decision very early on to use natural ingredients and figured that was sufficient enough in making my hair healthier.  Weeeeeeell, for the past few months or so, I've been feeling as though my hair is not growing at the rate it did prior to April '11, exactly 1/2" per month without fail.  Though it is still growing, I have noticed it's not at the same pace.

Additionally, it's been shedding more than I care for it to! Now, I DO know our hair naturally sheds significantly per day, but I'm just not having an appreciation for the shedding and/or breakage I'm seeing.  Hence, my latest experimentation...

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it in this forum, but I know for sure I have in my YouTube videos (http://www.youtube.com/user/kokoe7?feature=mhsn), but because I mix my own hair products regularly, I have developed a habit of no longer measuring (measuring spoons, scale, etc) the amounts of the "this & that" I put into the products, frankly because I think I have it "mastered" (lol)! In light of my recent "concern", thanks, to Kim Love, better known as "KimmayTube" on YouTube, I am now gonna take her advice & test my products! (I ordered test strips from her website last week)

I have a few staple products I use regularly, but lately, I have seen a view comments around the web in regards to black soap and I'm "afraid" I'm gonna have to eliminate it from my regimen once I do this test.   BUT, at least I'll know now and can take the steps to tweak my routine a bit...besides, it's probably time!   I was REALLY hoping @ this stage (14 months completely natural), through all my experimenting, I had finally fallen into my "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" hair routine. I think I'm coming to the realization, that as my hair is growing longer and developing healthier, it requires different care.

So, with that, I'll keep you posted on the results and go from there...

...Until my fingers keystroke again,


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