|6| “To Twist or Not to Twist?”…Does THAT Really Need to be the Question?!

Monday, 8.29.11...

(…back on track from an unexpected week-long hiatus! )

Sooooooo, I have another job interview (now on company #3) in a few hours and have been pondering how to wear my hair for the past couple of days. All summer, I have primarily worn my hair in two-strand twists, simply because I want it to “rest” for a while in hopes of sparking it to grow at a faster rate! Over the past couple of months, I’ve gone to a job fair and have had a few face-to-face interviews, and in all instances, I, (either the day before or the day of), without a second thought, have spent 30-45 minutes untwisting my hair to create what I thought would be more “interview-friendly” hairstyles.

However, last night, as I was getting ready for bed and standing in front of the mirror, I once again found myself pondering the thought. But this time, I just didn’t feel like going through the effort, only to turn around and re-twist them the same day! Additionally, I start to wonder…’WHY am I even WORRYIN’ about whether or not my two-strands are “professional” enough for an interview?!?!’ One, I’m pretty adept at presenting myself professionally, be it physically and/or articulately, and two, one of the revelations I’ve discovered in this new hair relationship, is that I accept ME in all my natural glorious-ness!

SO WHYYYYYY am I expending unnecessary time pondering this??

With that, I start to manipulate the twists into a couple of styles to see if I’d find something that would “stick”. Et VOILA!!! Ya gurl is rockin’ her twists to this interview…and gonna wear them proudly! Even though this job I’m interviewing for is not in my ideal top 5, imma STILL go in there with all my ever-present confidence and present the best possible me I can…conscience clear, integrity intact, AND a lil “flava” thrown in just because I’m sure they could use some!! LOL

Wish me the best! :)

...Until my fingers keystroke again,


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