|7| Why I Call This “Thing” with My Natural Hair a “Relationship”

Thursday, 9.1.11…

Let’s look at the definitions (per the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary) and do some correlatin’:
noun \-shən-ˌship\
Definition of RELATIONSHIP
1 : the state of being related or interrelated <studied the relationship between the variables>
2 : the relation connecting or binding participants in a relationship: as a: kinship b: a specific instance or type of kinship
3 a: a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings <had a good relationship with his family> b: a romantic or passionate attachment"
Definition 1: One could say I am “related” to my hair! Considering it DOES grow from my head AND it tangles from time to time, hence “interrelated”! LOL

Definition 2: Seeeee, “connecting”!! Hair = connected to my head!! HAAAA! Ok, ok, ok…seriously though, I do feel a newfound “kinship” with my hair in that I have completely embraced it in its natural state and simply can not envision my head of hair in any other state.

Definition 3: Now THIS is what I’m talkin’ about!! I DEFINITELY have an “affair” with my hair! Case in point, my “other half” often gets irked because I spend a whooooole lotta time with my hair outside of him! LOL!! However, these “dealings” with this here hair on my head, (the good and not-so good) have subsequently fostered a “passion” in me to learn as much as possible about it so we can continue to carry on this “affair” long term! :)


Thirteen months ago, I entered into this “relationship” that changed me. A relationship that has made me appreciate the “me” that I am…a relationship that has sparked a “passion”…a relationship that has made me look at the way I view and react to things/people/and day-to-day situations in a more inquisitive, thought-provoking way…

And even better? I am AB-SO-LUTELY IN LOVE with my hair!!! I catch myself OFTEN just touching it and admiring it as I pass by mirrors and windows and am in awe, watching it grow by my own hands and feel a sense of pride of the accomplishment.

This indeed is like a relationship…moments of frustration, moments of joy, spending A LOT of time with it, “feeding” it, nurturing it, studying it, exercising patience, protecting it, loving it and not loving it, then loving it again, but most of all sticking through it, no matter what…and all because you WANT to!

For those of you who are either considering starting your own “relationship”, but are afraid to for…whatever reason, or for those of you who began your “relationship”, but quickly broke up for…whatever reason, look at it this way…many things in life, frankly, don’t come easy, nor will they ever be. It comes down day-to-day decisions and how you respond to the situation(s) at hand. At the end of the day, anything you find value in having will take effort, patience, and time…with that effort, you will ultimately find your reward and satisfaction AND you just may learn something in the process!

…Until my fingertips keystroke again…

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