|12| Why the Two-Strand Twists Style is My FAVE 'Do of Choice!

Tuesday, 10.11.11...

To give you a "visual" perspective while reading this post, here are some shots of me wearing two-strand twists over the past few months, in different styles:   J


After posting some pics on my social website page recently, someone commented that I may as well get locks.  I immediately replied, "NO WAY..."!  Though I understand the history of locks, I do have thoughts and feelings about them (contrary to those who wear them) primarily relating to the reasons behind WHY some people get them, the techniques/products used to create them, and the costs in maintaining them...but, I'll reserve that "convo" for a different day!  LOL!  More importantly, it bothers me when people simply will not grasp on to the concept or accept the fact that I have chosen to wear my hair in its natural, unaltered, and flexible state.  Yes, I wear two-strand twists more often than not, but what people fail to realize is there is a method to what they see as "madness".

I am fairly "new" to returning back to my state of natural hair, but in that return, came the decision to set "goals".  Being that I have the hair I was genetically born with, it takes a bit more TLC in reaching these goals I have set.  Ultimately, I want to be an example and prove natural, afro-textured hair can be properly moisturized, well-managed, healthy, AND grow to long lengths.  In order for me to achieve that, I have to "protect" it, and I have found over the past 15 months, two-strand twists have served as a value-added means in protecting my hair through all the trials and errors it's had to endure up to this point and will continue to endure throughout the course of this long-term relationship.
As a matter of fact, let me just list the benefits I've discovered in wearing two-strand twists:

Ø  Allows my hair strands "rest" in that they are not being handled/tugged on regularly
Ø  Ends are better protected (crucial in retaining length)
Ø  No need to spend an excessive amount of time daily styling my hair/can get up and go!
Ø  Easy to style
Ø  Helps in monitoring length progression
Ø  Easier to trim as necessary
Ø  Minimizes tangles and knots
Ø  Convenience in shampooing/co-washing with no tangling
Ø  Can easily convert to a twist-out 'do
Ø  Easier access to scalp for oiling & massaging purposes
Ø  Can create simple "updo's"
Ø  Not at all "permanent" as locks are (since people still want to compare)
Ø  Significantly easier & quicker to twist than to braid, in my opinion
Ø  Easier to take down than braids

I can go on, but you get the gist! :)

I will say, though I never really "planned" to rock two-strands on a regular basis when I first started re-establishing my natural hair relationship, but a few months into it, I found my hair was too short to really style in a variety of ways, but at the same time was too long for the "TWA" styles I was wearing, so the two-strands short of fell into place AND served as "protection" during the winter months.  So, all in all, it's been a win-win for me.

As my hair progresses to my desired length (approximately 2-2.5', i.e. waist-length!), I KNOW I'll be a little more experimental in the styling, but at the end of the day, I will ALWAYS resort to my old faithful 'do...TWO-STRAND TWISTS! HAPPY...JOY!

...Until my fingers stroke the keys again, 


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