|1| Yet ANOTHER Natural Hair Blog?!


Yes...yet ANOTHER Natural Hair Blog!!

...So what will be different? What MORE do I have to add to this conversation?

[Ok, so here are the first “sugar-coated” thoughts that initially crossed my mind as I began drafting this introduction a few weeks ago: ‘I have many thoughts about this "natural hair journey" or as I see it, this “newfound relationship with my hair”, that prompted me to even get the point of wanting to BLOG about it. What I hope to accomplish with this blog, is to 1) convey these MANY thoughts in a succinct and personable way; 2) motivate you, or someone you may know to recognize, explore, and celebrate the beauty of afro-textured hair, 3) relay some information you actually may not have known or experienced, and lastly, be that under-represented vessel of information for those women out there with a tightly-coiled texture, who may be "afraid' to go there.']
Uuuum, yeah…*scratch*…*crumple*…*toss* that! After further contemplation, THIS is what I really want to convey…
SO? What do I have to add to the conversation?...Frankly, PLENTY (IMHO)!!! :)
1)  To give you a perspective of how THIS “tightly-coiled coifed, ko-koe-skinned” woman grows & sustains this "relationship" with my hair and how I view this culture, society, & the world around me, straight-on & peripherally…

2)   To be that conduit of information for the "uninformed". Now when I say “uniformed”, this is inclusive of those individuals who are simply “naively” uninformed and those who are “ig’nant-ly” uninformed. Yes, I meant IG’NANT!! And y’all know EXACTLY what I mean without me saying what it means! LOL So, as this “thing” progresses, I will definitely explore the differences between the two…

3) Help to eliminate, (or least TRY to!!!), the deeply negative stigma and more importantly the GENERATIONS of negative-based conditioning of our girls, women, and culture that make us feel our afro-textured, tightly-coiled hair in its natural state is "BAD", "unmanageable", "nappy", etc. We inherently afro-textured folks simply need to do away with this "I just can’t do it" mentality & become open and RECEPTIVE to becoming more informed about properly caring for, nourishing, and showcasing our hair in its natural state.

We have a loooooooooong way to go in combatting the negative imaging of our coils, but please join me, as I navigate through my thoughts, day to day hair life, conversations, opinions, suggestions, comments, observations, & newfound information & experiences in ALL aspects of my life. Here’s to *YOU* ultimately getting something out of it and sharing the knowledge to pay it forward in the effort of breaking the cycle. AND, you never know…you may actually learn something new in the days, weeks, or months to come... ;)

WELCOME to the Afro-Texturally Speaking...!

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