|17| “My Hair-piphany”

Wednesday, 11.16.11…

I digress…again!!  LOL

Today I had a mental moment of clarity, an “epiphany” if you will.  I do a lot of online observing involving all things natural hair, be it an article, a video, a blog, or a simple comment on one of my social media pages.  I ran across an article from a sistah who succinctly expressed her feelings about how she views this natural hair “movement”.  Though I have opinions about the perception of this being a “movement”, (translation “fad”), in addition to the conversations I engage in about my hair feelings with those close to me, this article actually made me look a lil more deeply into how I have chosen to communicate my feelings and observations of natural hair in this public forum.

Yes, I have a very specific viewpoint about my personal hair relationship and THEN some (LOL), but I know it’s coming from a place of “good”.  A “good” that wants to help shift the negative image of our hair in its natural state to an understanding of acceptance and manageability.  A “good” that wants to collectively get people of color moving in the direction of forming a united front in accepting our natural-haired selves, then fervently challenging and working to demolish the non-inclusive beauty standards others are setting in our society.   What this article made me realize today is the words I have put to print thus far may simply be contributing to the divisiveness that is, unfortunately, existent within our communities.  It is time for me to stop standing on my soap-box and focusing on the “problems” and exercise a 180˚-turn focus on HOW we can encourage and embrace our own hair beauty inherently.

We as women of color have enough issues we battle with each and every day in order to live in a country and society that is often-times not inclusive, so WHY am I contributing to that phenomenon?!  I have always had a spirit of sisterly service & have a deep appreciation for that “true girlfriend” bond, so as with other actions I’ve taken in my life in the effort of self-improvement & growth, this hair relationship passion of mine that I have been bombarding you with, going forward, will be focused on service, uplift, and recommendations for SOLUTIONS.

Let the church say ‘Amen’!  ;)

Afro-texturally speaking…


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