|19| “Hair Hibernation Challenge”

Sunday, 12.11.11…

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I wear hats primarily during the winter.  I made a decision the other day to literally put my hair into hibernation for the next 1-3 months (gonna see how the first month goes before I extend to 90 days).   What does that mean, you may ask?  Well, in addition to the two-strand twists and hats, I am gonna challenge myself to add a final layer of protection by simply not styling or putting any accessories (i.e. clips, combs, etc.) in my hair.  Yep, I’m leaving my hair COMPLETELY alone, and because I have a bad case of a “fingers-in-hair-ALL-the-time” syndrome, this will actually serve two purposes!  The first being, of course, to let my hair rest and marinate for an extended period of time, thrive and grow to its heart’s desire and two, help me wean myself from always having my hands in my hair!

Now, let’s be clear.  I will still carry on with my weekly co-wash, deep-conditioning routine, and daily moisturizing routine, but outside of that, my hair will simply go into sectioned ponytails/little buns or bantu knots (WOW, I still can’t even believe I can now actually put my hair into “buns” & “bantu knots”! LOL), get covered by a satin scarf, and be topped off with one of my crocheted hat creations from the fast-growing collection that my other half says is “out of control”!!  J  (BTW, since when do EIGHT hats equate to out-of-control-ness!?!...Now when it gets to ‘round 20 or so, he maaaaaaaay have an argument!!  LOL)

My last hair-styling & my LOVE for Christmas Decorations! J
~December 6, 2011 (My Birthday)
The last “style” I did was on my birthday, December 6th and since, I have followed this hibernation routine with relative ease.  Now, I still have caught myself feeling underneath the scarf/hat and messin’ with a twist or two (for what reason, I have NO idea!!), but the fact that I’m “catching myself” and recognizing I don’t need to be doing that is a step in the right direction to STOP IT!!  LOL

Headin' outside to "brave" the elements...
Five days into the “challenge” and I think for the most part, this is gonna be do-able.  In this natural hair mental transition I’ve experienced since my “big chop” in July 2010, one movement of growth for me, is accepting that I don’t need my hair to be “laid” and “in place” ALL the time.  Meaning, if my hair doesn’t want to cooperate with me on any given day and wants to be a big puffy twist-out, when I want it to be in “show off my curl-pattern” mode, then so be it!  It is what it is and I am learning to be completely ok with that and rock it as-is day-to-day!  So, outside of me trying to train myself to keep my hands out of my hair, I think this “not styling my hair” thing will become more of a norm of not feeling a NEED to style it in making it more “presentable”, and simply a WANT to style it because I can!  J

Afro-texturally speaking…


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