|21| “Hair Growth...Patience is NOT My Virtue!”

Sunday, 1.22.12...

This “all things afro-textured hair” relationship I’ve happily gotten myself into initially spawned a lot of unknowns, but over time, those unknowns have virtually become irrelevant.  Those first “hurdles” I conquered pretty quickly.  From the very short-lived “can I really stay natural?” phase, to the “am I ever gonna find the right moisturizers and products?” phase, to the “will I find styles that will look right?” phase.  I’ve even mastered a consistent co-wash, shampoo, deep-conditioning, and styling routine!  What is there left to do!?  I GOT this “natural hair” thing DOWN!!   LOL  *cheese J*

Aaaaaaall except ONE smaaaaaaall little matter…

I’m now in month #18, and per my calculations VERY early into my afro-textured hair relationship, my hair should be 12” in length.  Weeeeeeell, let’s just say I’m about 3” shy of that estimation!  LOL

However…in retrospect, throughout this time, several factors have lead to this reality:  in Oct 2010 I discovered breakage AND even a bald spot, Feb 2011, I attempted to do a self-trim, and in May/June 2011, I discovered my growth had stalled a bit due in part to what I believe to be too much protein/moisture, and overall, I'm not eating as well as I was, working out as much, nor drinking enough water as I SHOULD, all of which have contributed to many adjustments in my hair care routine, but most of all, increased I M P A T I E N C E!!  I have no one to "blame" but self!

THERE!  I said it…YES, I, too, suffer from “my hair’s not growing fast enough” impatience!  I’ve been experiencing this for a couple months or so now.  I’ve previously mentioned my ultimate goal is to grow my hair to waist length, and though I am VERY aware it is gonna take awhile to reach that goal, (4-5 years total), it still doesn’t temper the fact I still want to see SIGNIFICANT progress sooner than later.  I don’t know if it’s because I have my hair in “hibernation” for the winter months and I can’t wait to try some other styling because I only wear double-strand and flat-twists, or if it’s due to having my hair routine down to a science and I need something “else” to do or learn, whatever "else" is, or I'm just WAY to idle and have too much time on my hands!!   Frankly, what I’ve been feeling is kinda like watching paint dry on the wall or watching an ice cube melt!!  I know, I know…I’m *smh’ing* @ myself!  J

Don’t get me wrong, I realize I have made SIGNIFICANT strides in the nurturing of my afro-textured hair throughout this time and feel my hair is much healthier!  Just take a look at these pics:
August 2010 (One month after the "Big Chop")
December 2010 (Month #5)
June 2011 (Month #11)
November 2011 (Month #16)

Seeeeeee!!!  Looking at these pics again, simply make me *smh* @ myself HARDER for even taking the time to type and post this!!  LOLOLOL  It’s OBVIOUS my hair is making progress, so WHY do I keep having these moments of impatience??

I, know I am one of those “I need to see it RIGHT NOW” kinda people, but the “reason” side of me knows, for the most part, I’m doing what I need to do to continue the progression, so I simply need to keep the finish line in sight, sprint over this “hurdle” and keep pace down this track until I break the tape!

But guess what?  I, ultimately, do see the UP-side to this…at least I can share this experience and let others know they are not alone in the journey in the hopes of motivatin’ them to keep on keepin’ on!  J

Afro-Texturally Speaking...


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