|20| “The Skin I’m In...The Hair I W”air”"

Wednesday, 12.28.11/Sunday, 1.1.12...

Wearing my hair in its coiled state is like wearing the skin I was born with and the air I breath.  As I approach my 18th month (1.6.12), I still feel it’s something I should have done and accepted a LONG time ago.  I honestly can not see myself wearing my hair any other way because it’s like it’s SUPPOSED to be...again, like the skin I’m in, the air I breathe.  (hey, that rhymed!  LOL) 

When I made the decision to “go natural”, I will admit, I was initially cautious and maybe even hesitant, not because I wasn’t ready to embrace it, but because there were bits of concern lingering within my psyche that questioned whether I would “figure it out”, maintain patience, and/or have a “breaking” moment and feel compelled to return to relaxing my hair.

Within month one after the “big chop”, I had a very brief moment of wanting to straighten my hair!  Not relax it, just straighten it.  (Click here to read all about it!  J)  At the time, I was very perplexed at the thought and disappointed in myself for even thinking such a thing because since the moment I took a look at myself in the mirror after I took scissors to hand and started a-choppin’, I have absolutely LOVED my natural hair.  Very soon thereafter, once I got the proper moisturizing balance down, I absolutely fell IN LOVE with my coils and have never waivered since. 

Unfortunately, I grew up in an environment that viewed my skin as less than, so just as I had to learn to proudly wear that skin that many in my community and society scoffed and looked at in disdain, I, too, have had to apply the same efforts of the acceptance to my coils as I continue to travel through adulthood.  It’s a comforting feeling knowing I am and will forever be a proud wearer of my "as-is" afro-textured hair and am still just as determined to learn as much about caring for it (no relaxing and no feelings of “needing” to have my hair straightened) as I was when I first laid eyes on the mirrored-image of my “as-is” self 18 months ago.

As I welcome the arrival of a new year, a TOAST to the skin I’m in and the hair I w”air”!  J

Afro-texturally speaking,


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