|26| "When You Know Better, You DO Better!" ~a Maya Angelou quote, btw!

Tuesday, 3.13.12...

First off, take a look at these pictures...

Welp!, folks...that's yours truly as a preschooler (above) and (l) third grader (8 or 9 y.o.)!  (CAAA-UUUUUUUTE, huh!?) J Weeeell, what's the common denominator in these pics?  Let me help you out...to my recollection, prior to my Mama chemically relaxing my hair in the fourth grade, I always had two, small and/or puffy ponytails on each side of my head, that NEVER seem to have grown.  You mean to tell me in FOUR or FIVE years, I had NO hair growth?!  What's wrong with THAT picture??

Now, I won't re-hash that whole story of how I got to the "relaxed" point and the negative mental conditioning of afro-textured hair we endured and continue to perpetuate, (you can just click here to read that herstory), but the pictures you see above could be the very reason why I don't ever recall being concerned about my hair during this time, because it simply was "simple" and was primarily ALWAYS in the same style...(either that, or I was much more concerned about finishing my chores/homework QUICKLY so I could go outside to play!)  J  It wasn't until AFTER my hair was relaxed when more styling (if you consider ponytails as a child a STYLE!  LOL) and consciousness about my hair began to come into play. 

Now, please don't get me wrong, this is not AT ALL a "shame on you" attack on my Mother!  This is simply to point out, based on the knowledge of old and minimal resources being available, this was more than likely the only "manageable" style my Mama could do and still fulfill one of her many motherly duties of keeping her child presentable!  LOL

As a result of me browsing through these pictures the other day, I ultimately had this thought that prompted this entry...If OOOOOOONLY my Mama knew THEN what I know now!  Though I was a cutie-patootie as a young child (*wink*), if that were the case, I probably would have had a MUCH different "picture day" experience for sure!  J

Though I have not yet been blessed with a child, (or a daughter for the purposes of this piece), I am thoroughly pleased with myself knowing I have broken that cycle.  I strive daily to make it a point to step out of the negative imaging of our hair in its natural state, to learn as much as I possibly can, and to put that knowledge into action.  All in the effort of informing the uninformed, and one day being able to carry it forward into the lives of my future offspring with the expectation of those efforts becoming a norm, rather than the exception.    

"When You Know Better, You DO Better"...no truer words, as penned by the incomparable, Maya Angelou

Afro-Texturally Speaking...


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