|28| I FINALLY Got My Hands on Some REAL Shea Butter!!!

Wednesday, 4.11.12...

So, HOW could I have forgotten to post this?!?  Last Saturday (4.7.12), I FINALLY got my hands on some AUTHENTIC shea butter straight from Ghana and I'm SOOOOOOO exciiiiiiited!!!!!!!  (can you tell?! LOL).  Shea butter has been my primary STAPLE product since I big-chopped in July 2010 and I simply can not imagine being without it!

I can't even recall if I've previously posted in this forum about my hesitation and frustration about my search for real shea butter, but let me tell you, I've been looking for it for MOOOOOONTHS!!  I used to buy the "commercialized" shea butter in the 7 oz. white jar from local health food stores that claimed to be "100% natural" (the brand shall remain nameless), until late last Summer ('11) when I bought a jar that OBVIOUSLY had  been sitting on the shelf for WAY too long because no matter what I tried to do to it to make it "creamy", it just wasn't havin' it, and maintained a grainy texture the entire time I had it.  It was at that time I went into overdrive in the quest to find AUTHENTIC shea butter and decided I was never buying that "commercial" stuff AGAIN!!

Yeah, sure I could have just ordered it online, HOWEVER, I simply have no trust in the websites that offer it for sale.  I know that sounds harsh, but my desire to only use natural products on my hair/body is strong AND if I'm going to buy it, I want to know my money & support is going directly towards the people who work tirelessly to create this "masterpiece" I so love and the sources who have gone above and beyond to put it in my hands!  :)  I have done PLENTY of web searching for shea butter, but still, I just couldn't get past my questions about the authenticity of the source, whether or not it would REALLY come from Africa AND, if it was indeed 100% pure shea butter!

About a month ago or so, I posted an inquiry about shea butter on one of my social media pages because I've been without it for about 3 months!! (**GASP**)  Low and behold, I got a response back from a Soror (Sorority Sister) who is from Ghana AAAAAND she stated her father just happened to be THERE visiting and she could have him bring some shea butter back when he returned the following week!!!!  I can not even express to you the JOOOOOY I had when she responded!!  :)

Fast forward to last Saturday...this is what I received, nicely presented to me in a fabulous red gift bag:

I could not WAIT to start experimenting with some "concoctions" and finally took some time out today to mix a new "creamy" hair butter, which is in the works as I type:

I used a recipe as a reference from YouTuber by the name of "Naptural85".  I never use the exact ingredients from the YT videos I watch, but they serve as a great source of inspiration in the product experiments I make/mix for my hair.  This is my first time making it, and I can't WAIT to see if my hair is going to LOVE it!  I sure hope so!  :)

I have some other "concoctions" I want to create, so over the next week or so, I'll start working my magic and will keep you posted, so stay tuned!

Afro-Texturally Speaking...


..."and later this afternoon" UPDATE:

The finished product...and I'm pleased!!!  :)
Whipped approx 20 min in total

One of the containers I'm storing it in

From this to THIS!  :)  (Use a ziplock bag to help get it into the bottle!)

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