|29| My Coconut Oil RE-Discovery

Wednesday, 4.18.12...

I just realized I started a draft of this post a couple of weeks ago or so, but never finished, so I just scratched what I had typed!  Ironically, today I worked on FINALLY editing at least one of the MANY videos I've recorded over the past few months for YouTube and uploaded it after about a 3-4 month hiatus.  So, to "spare" you the trouble of having to expend your precious energy trying to find it on YouTube, what better place to post it than HERE!?  :)

This video is about my recent re-discovery of coconut oil.  There will be a couple more videos to follow, but here's a sneak peak into my newest Afro-Texturally Speaking... adventure!  :)  

...here's the link as well...just in case...ENJOY!  :) 

Afro-Texturally Speaking...


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