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Wednesday, 5.31.12...

Yesterday, was "hair day".  Actually, let me back up a bit...I also did a mini-"hair day", Sunday, 5.20.12, where I simply cleaned my scalp with conditioner, but kept my two-strand twists in (after the many 'fro hawk transition styles, by that date, I had "dismantled" the 'fro hawk, and replaced with two-strand twists).  After co-washing my scalp, I applied my leave-in conditioner mix, shea butter cream, then re-twisted each two strand to "re-fresh" them because they were a little frizzy.  Over the course of that week, I did a variety of up do and twist-out styles.

Fast forward back to yesterday...I co-washed and deep conditioned.  I had intended to go back to my honey/mayo/egg/EVOO concoction to deep-condition, BUT discovered I was out of REAL (and organic) mayo (my other half has MIRACLE WHIP in the fridge!!!)  o_O!!  Soooooo, I decided to just  enhance the greek yogurt I've been using, by adding some "goodness" to it.  I ended up adding honey, coconut oil, and ACV (apple cider vinegar) to it, AND put it inside an applicator bottle, which I found to be CONSIDERABLY more convenient to apply than the way I have been applying it (see previous "My Hair Day Routine" blog post/video).

I added honey, because it naturally attracts and helps retain moisture; coconut oil because of its ability to bind to the protein structure of the hair strand; and ACV to help pH balance my hair and to lay down those cuticles.  Looks like I will be sticking to this deep-conditioner concoction for awhile because my hair felt soft and smooth afterwards.  PLUS, I don't have to worry about having egg remnants in my hair after rinsing out!  LOL

The rest of my "hair day" routine was carried out as usual, moisturized & ACV rinsed.  In total, it took me about three hours to finish everything except the styling part, because I was taking my time, documenting, and taking TV & social networking breaks in between!  
The day before, (Tuesday, 29th), I had spent a lot of time on YouTube and was browsing through some videos and ran across a YouTuber by the name of "AfrikanHairGod", whose videos, I pretty much found of great interest.  Out of that, I got inspired to do a 'fro hawk again, using some techniques he used.  Though I've done quite a few 'fro hawks over the past 22 months, after viewing a couple of videos on the topic, I realized I have been doing them WRONG all this time!!  LOL  So, I chose to attempt to recreate it, "CoilyCoff2010" style! this week. I recorded the process and think it turned out very well structurally!  I'm going to let it "marinate" for a couple of days to make sure it's well-moisturized before I start styling it.  The styling of this 'fro hawk took between 3.5-4 hours, primarily due to the amount of time it takes for me to part my hair.  I had to break the footage up into two videos, so they wouldn't be TOO long, but without further ado, here they are:

ENJOY!  :)

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