|38| "It Takes a Village" Article of the Week: Courtesy of Natural Hair Community (.com) "Learn How To Grow Hair Fast Using These Tips"

Happy Monday, All!!  

Just wanted to start off the week with my "It Takes a Village" concept of sharing natural hair articles I run across in the effort of collectively getting "us" to a point of LEARNING our hair and learning ways to work with it in its natural state.

This article is courtesy of Natural Hair Community.  There is very helpful info AND truth in this article and I'm proud to say, the majority of it, I already knew because I've been practicing the methods throughout my entire 22+ months post-"big-chop".

Check it out!  Remember, though, all.heads.are.not.the.same!  Simply use this info as a GUIDE in finding methods that will work for YOOOOU!  :)

"Learn How To Grow Hair Fast Using These Tips"

Afro-Texturally Speaking...


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