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Wednesday, 5.16.12...

IT'S FINALLY DOOOOOOONNNNNNE!!  As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I've been working on a video showing my "hair day" routine since LAST WEEK!  Though, YET AGAIN, I encountered the same audio issue I ran into last week, I forced myself to find a work-around and FINALLY got the video done. *WHEW*

The day I set aside every 10 days or so to co-wash/shampoo, deep-condition, condition, moisturize, ACV rinse, moisturize, and style, I've coined as "hair day".  To offer a visual for all my tightly-coiled counterparts out there, I decided to do an updated video of my current routine.  Over the past 22 months, this routine has been modified SEVERAL times, (and will probably go through several more adjustments as my hair continues to grow and thrive), but what I am presenting to you today is what I've been doing consistently for the past two months.  

One of the three significant changes I've made of late, was switching my "deep-conditioner" from mayo/honey/egg/EVOO (olive oil) to greek yogurt, only to see if in fact my hair strands would be more receptive to the abundant protein & moisturizing benefits.  Secondly, now that the weather has gotten warmer, I've gone back to deep-conditioning more often than I do in the colder months to help in restoring and retaining moisture.  Lastly, adding the coconut oil as a pre-poo (or co-wash) treatment.  I can say, I have definitely seen and felt a difference in my hair, from moisture control to retention due to less breakage to finally establishing a streamlined method in working with my coils and I am overall pleased.

With all that being said, guess it's time to get the the video, huh?!

ENJOY!  And here's to you getting *something* out of this to spark your own efforts in establishing a "hair day" routine YOUR tightly-coiled coiff will, too, thank you for in more ways than one.

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