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Saturday, 6.9.12...

UPDATE:  Here's the video I record, FINALLY edited!

Wednesday, 6.6.12...

Monday, I finally ran out of the Shea Butter Cream I mixed in April.  The last batch I made did not quite last two months, but it was darn close, so I'm pleased nonetheless.  Today, I intentionally set aside for a second and IMPROVED attempt at making another batch.  The last batch served its purpose, however, I noticed 1) it was much more greasy than I preferred, and 2) there were WAY too many small clumps still in it because I obviously did not mix/blend it enough.  So, I went into today knowing I was at least going to pay closer attention to those two issues.

In addition, I wanted to tackle the "raw" smell of the shea butter.  Though I love the "nature-ness" of it, and ultimately, have gotten used to it, I do recognize, other folks may not be as appreciative of it when I'm around them!  LOL  Not that it "really" matters what other folks are feelin', but I can admit, the smell COULD be tempered a bit!  

I decided to record the process, so as soon as I take the time to edit it, I'll get it up on my YouTube Channel and post it here as well (see 6.9.12 update above or click here to go to video), but in the meantime, here are some pics to give you an idea:
  • My first order of business was to get the shea butter softened, which took awhile, because my goal was to have as few small clumps as possible.  So, I primarily did it by hand using a mash potato "smasher" (I have NO idea what the thing is really called!), then used an electric hand mixer...
BEFORE:  some of the ingredients & tools I use for the Shea Butter cream
...trying to get it smooth & as clump-free as possible by hand!
  • I "mashed" it for awhile, then added my "smell-good" concoction & other ingredients and started mixing with the rubber spatula.  After I got it fairly smooth and a bit more clump-free, I then used the electric mixer for awhile.  I ultimately got my fluffy, cake frosting-looking shea butter cream AND I think I did a much better job at getting the clumps out, though it's still not 100% clump-free...AND, I think I did a pretty good job tempering the "raw" smell than last time.  I still have a couple of measurement adjustments to make, but I for SURE know I have created the "right" "smell-good combination...just need to work on the "smell-good":shea butter cream ratio!  
AFTER:  ...and an hour or two later, "mashed" & fluffed!  (NOTE:  I really didn 't mix for an entire two hours, was multi-tasking in between!  LOL)
  • So, now I'm very pleased to present the final "packaged" product.  I HOPE to get a good two-months worth of use out of this batch, but if not, I have more shea butter comin' my way and can't WAIT for attempt #3 to perfect it!  Needless to say, my coils, face, & body will be VERY pleased, so mission accomplished!  

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