|47| "It Takes a Village" Article of the Week: Courtesy of Naturalchica.com | "8 Tips for Summer Hair Care for Your Natural Hair by Trichologist, Dr. Kari Williams"

Happy Friday, All!

Been a bit incognito this week, but I wanted to cap it off with an "It Takes a Village" article I just saw today.

Again, my purpose for sharing is to feed the effort of collectively getting "us" to a point of LEARNING our hair and putting into action, ways to work with it in its natural state.

This article is courtesy of Trichologist, Dr. Kari Williams via Naturalchica.com.  Good "stuff" to know to help protect your afro-textured strands during the summer months/hot-climated areas

Check it out!  Remember, though, all.heads.are.not.the.same!  Simply use the info as a guide in maintaining your hair in ways that work best for YOU and your lifestyle.

Afro-Texturally Speaking...


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