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Wednesday, 7.11.12...

First off, let me start where I left off the other day...in commemoration of my TWO-YEAR natural-versary, here is a progression collage I created to show the changes in my hair from "big chop" through 7.6.12.  I am pretty proud of my progress and ECSTATICALLY looking forward to the NEXT two years and beyond!  
Now, onward to my thoughts for today...My two-year natural-versary has left me a bit nostalgic.  In addition, during the past few weeks, I have found myself offering support from afar to a handful of people who have recently decided to enter the world of wearing their hair in its natural state.  Both instances have prompted me to take myself back to a time when I was feeling the exact same way they are currently.  Though I had unexpectedly gone through sort of a "spiritual" awareness about my hair and myself once I "big chopped" and was completely at peace with my efforts in cutting off my hair, in the beginning, I had some challenges in making it LOOK how I felt!  It genuinely amazes me how far I have come since then, but it also proves that with a lot of trial and error, learning, researching, and patience, "trouble don't last always"!

While transitioning and a few months after I "big chopped", I was faithfully active with YouTube and a natural website called Nappturality, which significantly contributed to me gaining the confidence to mentally release myself from the dependence of chemically-straightening and braid-extensioning my hair.

Well, this morning, I went back to my profile on Nappturality.com, made some updates, and decided to look at a few of the blog entries I had contributed the first few months into my afro-textured relationship.  Unfortunately, I did not actively continue chronicling my journey via that site for a couple of reasons, (one of which was due to the creation of my OWN blog! ッ), but I found an entry I wrote 7.12.10, almost TWO years ago to this date...hmmm, maybe I should have waited to write these thoughts TOMORROW!!  HA!   NEEEEEEEH, I felt "inspired" today, so let me press...as I was saying, I found a blog entry I wrote on 7.12.10 that is VERY relatable to my recent interactions with the newly naturals I have come into contact with of late, so I thought I would share:
This seems like a LIFETIME ago as I have made SEVERAL adjustments and moved in many different directions since then, however, it is experiences like this that give me the confidence, drive, and *some* ability to continue "informing the uninformed" with the various social media forums I have chosen to actively create and participate on, because I'VE BEEN THERE and can relate to a lot of the concerns that are prevalent in the natural hair community!

Still a LONG way to go, but I am gonna continue to do my part to ease the concerns with the hopes of quelling the perceptions of our aftro-textured hair and the "NEED" of feeling we have to resort to alternative actions/methods to maintain it.

Bottom line to this story, TRY, PERSIST, and remain PATIENT...you will eventually reach your end goal(s)!  

Afro-Texturally Speaking...


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