|55| | VIDEO 32 & 33 | Blow-Drying My (Tightly-Coiled) Hair...for.the.FIRST.Time!!!!!!!

Friday, 8.31.12...

WELP!  Here it is, FINALLY.  The video of all videos!  LOL  Your opportunity to hop on board the Afro-Texturally Speaking... train, and take the trip with me down the 'goin' from petrified to ELATED' lane of blow-drying my hair for the FIRST time since 2009!

Now, if you recall, in a couple of my previous posts ("|30| Operation:  NO HEAT Straightening Strand Test..." and "|4| I Wanna Straighten My Hiar...wuh, huh, whaaaaaaat?!?"), I succinctly stated the reasons why I had no immediate interest in straightening my hair.  Well, I'm now approaching month #25 of wearing my hair in its natural state, and though I've known I've NEEDED to have my hair methodically & consistently trimmed (versus the willy-nilly way I've been doing it over the past two years) to increase its "healthy" status, I made myself come to the definitive realization, last Friday, that it just had to be done (period)

Over the past few weeks, I've been tossing around this thought of actually straightening my hair simply for the purpose of finally trimming it, but at the same time driving myself crazy because I was SCARED TO DEATH of potentially damaging it in the process.  TWO-plus years of "work" in caring for my coily coiff, I simply did not want to risk potentially damaging it and having to start over.  If you have been following along with either my blog, Facebook posts/comments, or YouTube videos, you know I have NO appreciation for so-called "professional" hairstylists, especially those who "specialize" in natural hair...frankly, I just don't trust their expertise because I've heard/seen WAY too many horror stories from the excessive heat used & subsequent damage to cutting too much hair off to the products used full of chemicals.  So, I guess that leaves me with just doing it myself, which I much prefer anyway.

Several articles read, videos viewed, heat-protectant selected, I was finally ready to "Just Do It"!!  BUT, nothing tempered the quiet anxiety I was feeling.

Which brings me to the video, PART I...click below to view the process of me altering my coils with HEAT, for the first time!

Part I

Part II


To close, here are some bonus "sneak peek" pictures:


Afro-Textually Speaking...


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