|56| Some of my Tightly-Coiled 'Do's July '12-Sept '12...

Sunday, 10.7.12...

Hey, All!  Wanted to take this time to "re-introduce" myself!!  LOL  

No, but seriously...slowly, but surely gettin' back into my cyberspace "groove" and just wanted to fill this blog post with some pictures of some of my hairstyles I've been rockin', through all the *stuff* that has gone on in my life the past three months or so.  

Though I haven't been executing my usual hair routine as I typically do, I've still managed to protect, care, and style it enough to keep it "content" with me & presentable, though "she" KNOWS I haven't given her the in-dept TLC "she's" used to!

I won't go into details, but now that I can look back on the past couple of months of NON-consistency with my hair, ESPECIALLY the month of September, I pretty effortlessly maintained it and here's the PROOF that afro-textured, tightly-coiled hair CAN be managed, even during periods of "neglect" & not-so-desireable situations.

Enjoy and PLEASE continue to stay tuned for the ever-changing, ever-growing, and ever-enlighting adventures of "Afro-Texturally Speaking..."  

JULY 2012  JULY 2012  JULY 2012  JULY 2012  JULY 2012  JULY 2012  JULY 2012
High (Messy) Pony Tail
Flat-Twists (and how I "stretch" my twists)

The Bun
First Day Back on a JOB after MAAAAAANY months!!
The Up 'Do
Bantu Knots
Bantu Knot-Out on Two-Strand Twists

AUGUST 2012  AUGUST 2012  AUGUST 2012  AUGUST 2012 AUGUST 2012  AUGUST 2012
Another Up 'Do

Stretch "messy" Ponytail
My FIRST Blow-out!  (8.25.12)


Attempting a Bantu Knot-Out on Blown Dry Hair

...so far, so good!
(Note:  this is the beginning of hour ONE)

...later that hour...
...still not bad...

AAAAAAND, hour two...HUMIDITY was NOT my friend
this day!  LOL

...had to "adjust" the style because it turned into a "puff"!  LOL
...and the next day...hair was in the process of reverting,
so back to the two-strands!  

I actually really liked this chunky two-strand twist look!  My hair was FLUFFY!  

The "fluffy" twist-out! 

...The scarf prep...used Flaxseed Gel to help create the look I was going for...

Et VOILA!  It turned out FAN-TAB-U-LOUSLY!  
OK, OK, OK...soooo, this day was an OBVIOUS lazy hair day!  Needed to run a quick errand and this is what the "public" got!  LOL
THE AFRO PUFF RETURNED!!!  It's been a WHILE...was havin' a mentally ROUGH week, so I ended up wearing this style throughout (Scarf n' Go 'Do!)

(...after the "storm")  at some point after the "'Fro Puff", I put my hair back into two-strands, then took them down this day...

...to put it in another "protective" style.  Was going to a concert and wanted a simple up 'do that showed off my hair texture

...hair still "setting", but all "GLAM'D" up for Anthony Hamilton *cheese*  
...the final look  (LOVED how it turned out!)

...look at those "waves"!  LOLOL

Hope you ENJOYED!  


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