|57| I'm Having One of Those "MyHairShouldBeLongerThanItIs" Moments, AGAIN!

Sunday, 10.21.12...

A LOT going through my mind this morning!  

FIRST OFF, let me take a sidebar moment to acknowledge the recent passing of one of my YouTube "hair crushes", Dawnyele (Partee).  Though I did not know her personally, I am feeling sadnes
s for her sudden passing & for her family and friends (and those of us who "admired" her from afar).  Prayers of comfort up for her husband, son, NEWLY-born son who survived, and family & friends! https://www.youtube.com/user/Dawnyele

[awkwardly transitioning]

...onward to my other thoughts of the day...I FINALLY have a morning/day where I can just focus on MANY things I have let fall by the wayside the past few months for various reasons.  The list, unfortunately, has grown significantly.  Amongst the many moments of discovery & reflection this morning as I have been browsing through my various web pages and YouTube, in addition to the aforementioned sad news, I have come to realize that my hair may not be "thriving" as much as it had been prior to, let's say June/July 2012.

Though I know I trimmed it a lil over a month ago (a bit more than I really wanted to, but it was NEEDED), my hair just doesn't seem to be thriving & growing at the rate it typically does.  I contribute this to the fact that I have not CONSISTENTLY co-washed, shampoo'd, deep-conditioned, etc. since June 2012.

From 6.29.12 - 9.30.12, I only co-washed or shampoo'd my hair 5 times.  On top of that,  I  did not moisturize/seal it NEARLY as often as I usually do.  TYPICALLY during a 3-month time frame, my hair would have been either co-washed or shampoo'd every 10 days or so (10 times total).  Though I managed to keep it styled during this timeframe, I really wasn't caring for it the way it is used to (as I mentioned in my previous post:
http://afrotexturallyspeaking.blogspot.com/2012/10/56-some-of-my-tightly-coiled-dos-july.html) and I have come to realize today, my lack of effort is evident.  Though I can see a length difference in photos from this time 2011 compared to Sept/Oct 2012, I just feel my hair could have been longer than it is had I stuck to my regimen.

Tightly-coiled hair in particular, needs more care (period)  That is not breaking news, and frankly, this is why this hair type gets such a bad rap and less "exposure" as our "curly" counterparts.  I am fully aware of this and accepted that fact a LONG time ago, so I have no idea WHY I am so surprised my hair has "stalled" a bit from the lack of attention.

HOWEVER (comma) as I've mentioned before...when you KNOW better, you DO better!  

That being said, instead of the "pity" party I'm throwing myself today, I'm gonna heed the words and roll full steam ahead!  ッ  And with that, will spawn an influx of new posts and videos for your viewing pleasure as you continue to travel this road with me!

I am now in the midst of "hair hibernation", which began 9.30.12.  I am planning to keep my hair in protective styles and covered through March 2013, but will ENSURE I am doing all the other "little things" it needs and loves to keep it thriving.  I'm feeling optimistic about how it will react...

Stay tuuuuuuuned!  

Afro-Texturally Speaking...


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