|58| VERY Random Comparison Picture: 11.15.11 vs 11.12.12

Monday, 11.12.12...

***THIS JUST IN***  Soooo, I co-washed, etc. my hair on Saturday (11.10.12) & re-twisted it using flaxseed gel, then just put it into a french braid because I knew I wasn't going anywhere the next couple of days...well, I just took it down so I could moisturize it because it felt too dry for my liking, and THIS is what resulted!!  Needless to say, it prompted me to do a comparison from this time last year...  

~Tonite's pic shows "unintentionally" stretched hair, but I'm pleasantly surprised with the amount of growth within 1 year!  ッ


Afro-Texturally Speaking...


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