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Saturday | 2.October.2013

It’s been a LONG time…WAY too long, actually!  However [comma] I have had some life and hair setbacks this year, but once again, feel like I’m back on track, motivated, rejuvenated, and excited to be putting fingers to laptop keys in continuing to express my panoramic viewpoint of all-things-natural/afro-textured hair.

That being said, I have a WHOLE lot to catch “you” up on and a multitude of topics floating around in my head I have been wanting to talk about…but that will come in time!  I won’t bombard you with it ALL in one post, but I just wanted to take this time to announce my return and talk about my very recent decision to re-vamp the hair routine I have consistently followed since late 2010 for the most part.

YES, this old “dog” is gonna attempt to learn some new tricks when it comes to my LOVE-labor hair day (better known to most as “wash day”).

I have gone through a geographical relocation within the past six months and frankly, it has been a SHOCK to my hair and routine.  Bottom line, my hair HATES hard (heavy calcium, magnesium) water and UNFORTUNATELY, I did not realize it until approximately three months after the move!  BOOOOOOO!  (I will go more into the result of the hard water issue at a later date).  In addition to that, I kinda got out of a hair care rhythm due to my current temporary living situation, which basically equates to inconveniences and less room to maneuver about.  BUT, no excuses and no complaining allowed is my new decree!!!  THIS is temporary and at the end of the day, I have access to ERR thing I need to ensure my hair is taken care of, even with the “inconveniences”.  So what, I have back issues and have to bend and support myself under a kitchen sink faucet with a filter attachment, versus the “ease” of a shower?!?  I still have the ability to STAND and access to filtered water, so I just.need.to.get.it.done!

I recently decided to stop feeling “defeated” about my hair and the progress I had made and to get ta gettin’ on bringing it back to where it was, if not in even BETTER condition.  So, ya gurl is unbelievably gonna change up her “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it” hair routine and product usage. GAAAAAAASP!!

I have alternated between using one of two shampoos/conditioners, used ONE leave-in conditioner, used my ONE DIY deep conditioner, and used the SAME DIY moisturizers/gel/sealant since late 2010/early 2011!!  It maaaaaaay be time to do something DIFFERENT!  So, starting next week, imma do.something.different…and I’m actually excited!  But guess what?  You have to stay tuuuuuuuned to experience the journey with me!  ;)

Afro-Texturally Speaking…


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