|64| Blue Ivy Carter’s Hair: WHY Does It Matter SO Much…to YOU?!

Saturday | 1 February 2014

So, for MONTHS - 1+ years, I have been just sitting back, listening and OBSERVING, and trying HARD not to engage in the conversations involving an EXCESSIVE amount of negativity regarding how Beyoncé and Jay’Z’s baby girl’s, Blue Ivy Carter, hair is sometimes presented in public. In my opinion, it’s SUCH UNNECESSARY negativity and wasted energy. This is yet ANOTHER aspect of our community and society subconsciously planting and conditioning a person’s NEGATIVE perception of afro-textured hair. WE have GOT to STOP this vicious cycle.

Yes, Beyoncé is GORGEOUS and she and her hubby, Sean have more money than any of us can imagine in a seven lifetimes. Yes, because of BIC’s parents and their professions, we probably expected when we saw Blue Ivy in pictures, she would ALWAYS be seen as “made up” as her Mama is on anybody’s stage or a red-carpet event.

<insert side-eye and curled-up lip here>

I | She is a BABY/TODDLER…and I’m SURE is very active and “combing” her hair probably defeats the purpose when it’ll be messed up in two seconds!

II | Have y’all ever stopped to think that, maaaaaaaybe Beyoncé and Sean prefer to raise their child in a manner that does not conform to YOUR standard of “beauty”?!  #TRUTH #freespirit

III | That baby is VEEEEEEERY well-taken care of (period) #believeTHAT

IV | I’m preeeeeeetty sure, Beyonce has “people” around her who help take care of Blue Ivy’s hair…hell, her mom is a COSMETOLOGIST. #duhpeople

V | We do not see that child on a DAY-to-DAY basis, nor are a part of THEIR lives to know how they live and how they dress and groom that child EVERY day!  We only see what the MEDIA puts out there and what Beyonce and Sean CHOOSE to put out there.  And what IF her hair looked in a manner that was/is not acceptable to YOU ERRDAY?!  So what, it’s not about YOU!

VI | Did I mention, she’s a TODDLER?  #ohyeah

VII | You SHOULD understand by now, Beyoncé floats to her OWN beat and more than likely couldn’t care LESS about what WE feel about THEIR child’s hair.

VIII | Y’all have SOOOOOOO many other things to focus on other than how Blue Ivy rocks her hair…she is going to grow into her OWN “self” and will rock her hair ANY way she chooses, but oh, wait, you’ll have something to say THEN, too, huh?!

I could go on, but at the end of ANY day, it goes back to this society’s definition of “beauty”…my, your, and THEIR perception of beauty should NOT be determined by what SOCIETY says it should be.  KUDOS Bey and HOV…do YOU!  (and I KNOW I didn't EVEN need to say that because it's a GIVEN)  

*drops mic*

Afro-Texturally Speaking…


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