|65| *VIDEO | 43 |* 7.6.14 Happy 4-Year Natural-versary to MEEEEEEE!

Saturday | 12 July 2014  

WELP!!  I did it!!!!!!

For my FOUR-YEAR Natural-versary, I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y decided to have my hair PROFESSIONALLY blow-dried and straightened!  If y'all have followed my story, y'all KNOW this was MAJOR!  LOL  I've been "fighting" it for FOUR years, but I got over myself and allowed someone ELSE to put their hands in my hair! *GASP*  ;)

BUT, all of that built-up angst was for absolutely NOTHING!

An ABUNDANCE of THANKS Kelly M. Henson, owner of The K List Hair and Image Salon, based outside of Dallas, TX, for making the experience memorable and WELL worth the wait!  Miss Kelly is a native of the Kansas City Metro area, and just so happened to bring her business to the area (which she does from time to time) during my natural-versary week, so I JUMPED on the chance for HER to be the first to work her magic...and BOY did she!!!  :)

Click the link to view the update video showing the AH-MAZING results and a pictorial review of my various 'do's during my 4th AFRO-TEXTURED year! :D

I'm STILL loving this "for-the-rest-of-my-life" journey and looking forward to continuing to share the love and striving for my ULTIMATE goal of waist-length!

Stay tuuuuuuuned!
Afro-Texturally Speaking...


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