A Lil Somethin' About Me...

I am a 40-something, entrepreneur-in-progress, who became 100% au naturale ("the big chop") in July 2010 after transitioning for six months. My last relaxer was in November 2009 and the following month, I began this newfound relationship with my naturally tight coils. At the time, though I had NO idea what was in store for me, I definitively knew it was time to start the journey. (See "Why I Returned to the State of Natural Hair" for a little more insight into this part of the relationship.) Since, I have become PASSIONATE about wearing my hair in its natural state, using products that promote HEALTHY hair, bringing light to the efforts of falsely marketed "organic" or "natural" hair care products to "our" communities & the not-so-natural ingredients used, and overall, sharing the ups, downs, & everything in between of my personal hair relationship. I see this relationship as long-term & life-long and will continue to become more educated in the care of afro-textured hair, ultimately resulting in being seen as a POSITIVE example for all women of color who were born with tightly-coiled, afro-textured hair.

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